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Double Team
Premium Member
Portland, OR
How do you get registered on O-Review? I've been trying to get registered to get into the Portal but I can't register?
good luck, you need to know someone, and hope they will help you out. ive been trying to get in for a couple months now with no luck. its pretty hard
Been a member for 6 years or so it had been up a couple of months. There is a little more of a selectio process to get the boards for posting & selling now as a couple yers back someone overseas hacked the server and stole all the pictures of the stuff people had in their colections and other stuff, so its changed a bit. I remember when it used to be real hopping and Jim Jannard was posting on the
forums telling good stories.
Well, I have seen a few new members come on board recently. This forum seems to be hopping more because of all of the members here. I have seen a lot of O-Review members here too.

Hey brewc, how are you doing? Fancy seeing you here! LOL
I am relatively new to the forum thing but I think the O Review has become less of a public message board and more of a private elite collectors club on purpose. I do not think they are interested in having many post just for numbers sake. They seem to want to bring on the most knowledgeable or most connected members to keep the knowledge base alive. Of course it also seems they are in a transition state and their mission still in flux. Just my 2 cents on things.

To get on you would have to contact Dann. How to do that I have no idea. He does not seem to use the email address on the contact page all that often. I think he's on Facebook so you can try him there or on Flickr.

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