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O Rokr battery has any one fitted an iPod battery?


Oakley Beginner
Has anyone tried an iPod battery in an O Rokr?

I have collected 2 black pairs (one with polarised lenses) 2 brown see through pairs and I've just got a white pair with grey lenses.
I also have a pair of titanium lenses.

Looking at the see through brown ones the battery looks similar to an old IPod Classic.

One of my brown pairs and my white pair have failed batteries.
"Wow. Thanks Herbs. That really helped me out."

No-one said.

I don't have aThump. Probably won't ever....but, just in case I ever happen to get Thumps, I now know where to go for repair.
Thanks Herbs!!!!! That really helped me out! :)

I've done some digging and it seems that some Motorola Bluetooth headsets used the same battery, hardly surprising as Moto made the circuitry for the O Rokr. Its probabbly just a Moto headset with the flexible PCB changed to fit in a pair of glasses.

The fix for those is to use a 501235 battery so I'll get a few and test them. I'll test them in my Thumps and if they are fine I'll fit them to my O Rokrs.

Thanks Herbs, I already know about Graham as I was going to order new speakers and earbud rings, but I found the earbud ring in my works carpark and I resolderded the speaker back on and it's been fine since.

I could buy the batteies from Graham but they are way more expensive and I want to upgrade/replace the batteries on all my O Rokr's (2 black, 2 brown, and one white pair)

That would cost $115 + shipping for 5 cells where I could get 5 501235 cells for £9.50 shipped and upgrade all my O Rokr's

Not dismising Graham's work but I can fit my own batteries and it didn't take much searching to find a suitable equivilant for the original Motorola battery.

The IPod battery I was thinking about originally is way bigger but I've found a solution now.

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