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Oakley 12 Gauge Bracelet?


Oakley Beginner
Hi All,

disgracefully, I managed to break my 12 gauge's bracelet (titanium/carbon fiber). I called Oakley UK to see if I could send it and get it replaced but they say they dont/will never carry this part.

Is there anything I could do? Any one of you guys here got any contacts at oakley to get this bracelet?

Appreciate the help!

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Oakley Enthusiast
Premium Member
Chicago, IL
wow that weird. they should always have that stuff. id day go an oakley store near you and see what they say. hopefully they can help you out. if not just keep call them back and hopefully you get a new person if not try getting a hold of the US oakley, they should be able to help you out for sure. Best of luck. Post some pic too, might help us see how bad it is


Oakley Beginner
thats not a good sign that oakley don't carry spares for one of their top watches, i'm looking at buying a 12 gauge myself and at first i was going for a stainless bracelet model but i've decided i like the yellow/carbon dial on the limited titanium model best and am just saving up the extra money at the moment, can i ask how you broke the bracelet, and exactly what has broken, i'm taking a guess here but i expect that its one of the carbon composite bits that has broken, there are no strands of carbon in the construction, just ground up powder( :D the dust from the c six production?? :D ) and i guess there is no tensile strength in the parts because of lack of strands


Oakley Beginner
DItto on contacting corporate in the US. From what I remember, that part is available through US repair. I just tried buying the bracelet and they won't sell it seperately. YOU MUST send in the watch for replacement/repair. You'll pay a pretty penny for it though and you'll have to send it in. Takes 4-6 weeks for repair. YOu MAY have to send it to one of the members in the US and have them act as the "go between" for you.