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  1. bigdog425

    bigdog425 Oakley Beginner

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    looking to sell my BLACK STEEL/CARBON FIBER BRACELET EDITION. I have a opportunity to pick up a pair of C six's so i need this gone to fund that purchase! i am looking for $700 shipped but i will listen to offers. i would rather ship inside the us. the watch is in good condition it has some normal way on the clasp witch is light scratches in the titanium. it will come with the wood watch box and the black box but not the white shipping box. the watch hasn't been running for some time now to save the battery.

    Oakley 12 Gauge - 435188fb.jpg
    Oakley 12 Gauge - c4744883.jpg
    Oakley 12 Gauge - 91d5613e.jpg
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