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Unless you can find a working pair for cheap $100/- I wouldn't waste your money on them... Given they were discontinued largely due to the high failure rate of the GPS units, which is the key perk to them over a standard pair of goggles. If you do decide to pick one up though, I'd suggest buying replacement lens set now as I suspect given it's short production life finding them in the future might be impossible/pricier.

The ski shop I worked for at the time ended up with a bunch of broken units that they just sold off as goggles alone after it was discontinued. Some of the inventory would be dead on arrival with the heads up display simply not turning on, while some other units would fail not long after purchase. Another issue with them is they didn't perform well in freezing temps, they would get super cold causing the battery life to dimmish to just a couple minutes, brought inside the lodge for lunch and suddenly it's working only to die soon after going back out.. Spring shredding seemed to be the optimum time to use them.

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