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Discussion in 'Oakley Frogskins Discussion' started by jiveSEVEN, 7/19/11.

  1. jiveSEVEN


    I just found a shop that has 1 last pair of the antifreeze frogskins. I know this wasn't a very sought-after pair, but I'd think it was worth picking up for cost? What do y'all think? I am not supposed to buy anything till the gold holbrooks....I can probably get away with buying these lol.

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. Oakleynerd

    Oakleynerd Staff Member Premium Member

    lucky found!
    congrats . . .

  3. jk-27

    jk-27 Premium Member

    Buy them, they are more collectible than the Acid series. If you don't want them buy them for me!

  4. jiveSEVEN


    Went ahead and ordered them. Now I will probably throw some ruby iridiums in there and turn my crystal black/ruby into an acid black :)

  5. FrogTastic


    Awesome, Anti-Freeze are cool. I have Jade in mine.

  6. EKT


    I've got a pair and wear them almost every day. Love 'em but a lot of times I find that people mistake them from dollar store glasses. Anyone else with a pair (or acid rain)
    run into this?

  7. jiveSEVEN


    EKT you hit the nail on the head lol. I went to a BBQ last summer with my matte white/ruby, and my friend had his antifreeze on and some girl was like "Nice dollar store sunglasses!".

  8. The Game

    The Game

    god do i love the antifreeze frame

  9. Jupiter


    Kinda wish I picked up a pair of these when I had the chance. They didn't really do it for me at the time, but now I'm starting to regret it...

  10. jiveSEVEN


    I feel the same way with a lot of frogskins so I'm right there with ya. I remember seeing Koston Frogs collecting dust back at my local N3L Optics in Denver...now I am kicking myself for not picking em up.

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