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Oakley Antix South Africa


African in the United Kingdom
London, England
So scored these today, they a special custom edition in support of South Africa's bid to retain the Rugby World Cup which starts in 25 days...
They are polished black with green icons and an emerald iridium lens..


Sorry about the poor photo quality, iphone camera
@Jono, no not yet, but may consider the stormers ones, with an ice lens and plsh black frame..

@Nyarlathotep, as far as I know, these where only made for the South African National team and a couple of Provincial teams
I do not know, they launched here in SA at the start of the year and I havent done any travelling this year so have no idea about that BAPD77
Do you have a pic of all the pairs? I saw a pic of the stormers pair, but it was small and idfficult to see.

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