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Just want to see if this sparks any interest. Ive got a Blade II stealth edition watch.
The watch is about a year old and is in pretty good condition. The band stopped latching about 3 months ago and i sent it back to Oakley so they replaced the clasp and checked the watch completely to make sure everything was intact and functioned correctly and it does. Awesome watch i just dont really wear it much any more so i figure id give some one else a chance to own it.

Looking to get $650 OBO
Email with any questions concerns:
trdracer316 at yahoo.com

Watch features:
5 years left on current battery
double sealed and water proofed
5 jewel quartz movement.
Swiss made
Adjustable band
TIme and date
Awsome and rare stealth edition.

Here is a stock photo. Ill take some high-res ones and send them via email if some one is seriously looking to purchase.

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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