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Oakley C wire and the Conductor 8


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Pretty much wired.
I don't own Conductor, but the previous two versions of C Wire.
The New C has a unique style hinge and more stylish ear stems than the Conductor.
The Conductor has a "split" frame (separate orbital wire frames, attached to the wire frame at the brow), whereas the New C is a single wire orbital attached to the nose bridge.
The Conductor orbitals appear more square-ish than the New C.
FWIW, I find the New C very comfortable (especially with the gel-pad nose bombs), and I use it primarily as driving glasses for hours on end.
It is my understanding that the New C is USA made, as opposed to Conductor which is an offshore product, if that's a consideration.
Of course, the Gen. 1 C Wires are entirely different...
Hope this helps.