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Discussion in 'Recent Oakley Purchases' started by RedJeep83, 7/3/11.

  1. RedJeep83


    In the Oakley Catalog they have quite a few colorframes listed for the FastJacket but when they released them this june, they are only selling 3 of the colors listed in the catalog. I am new to buying Oakleys so i am wondering if this usually what Oakley does and then release more colors later? If so what kinda of timeframe before they sell all the colors in the catalog?

    here is the Oakley Catalog with all the frames "supposed to be released in june"

    Oakley Catalog And Releases - 5871872676_072d7cd96a.jpg

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. BAPD77

    BAPD77 Premium Member

    Its common for Oakley on sports and actve frames...not so much on lifestyle square o frames.

  3. RedJeep83


    thanks, so whats the pattern in the past for the sport and active frames? Do they end up not releasing those colorframes at all?

  4. yoshi1984


    i am loving that powder blue/white frame.

  5. wrist


    Gice it time and more colors will gradually become available. Catalog is just a small preview of whats to eventually come.

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