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Oakley Correspondent OO9094-03


Oakley Beginner
Hi there,

I wonder if anyone is able to help me.

I am trying to refurbish (yes I love to re-use old things!) my Oakley Correspondent glasses. I need new nose pads but I am not having any luck online.

Does anyone have any links to any website that I may be able to buy replacement nose pads for this model?

Also, if anyone owns a pair of these, would you mind letting me know which nose pad it is you have? What style/model should I be looking for in case I could use a similar models nose pad?

Thanks and hope you are all keeping safe!


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Beast Coast
You can check here if theres any mention of that model...

but, I'd bet they are the same as the Badman semi-triangle plastic/rubber pads based on time period those were produced/lux's tendency to share pad fitments between new models because it's cost effective for em...

You can hop on the oakley site to see if they have nose pads for any of the noted models that share pads with the badman. The sku that's provided for the individual nose pad found in that link is the general sku I sourced from a parts catalog I ran across... but in my experience I rarely even see the sku listed or if there is one it's different which I suspect is because it's a specific sku that pertains to the particular model its listed for - despite this if the model is shown in that thread as being a shared fit with badman it'll work even if the sku is different.

If you can't find a replace searching just by the sku, instead search for "__________ nose pad replacement" - fill that blank in with any of the models that are listed as sharing with the badman pad and that should defiantly yield you some results on amazon or ebay.

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