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Oakley Dealer From Missouri

Hamming Tools

Oakley Beginner
Hello all! I just come across this site from Oakley's FB page. I'm a Matco Tools Distributor in Missouri. Most Matco DBR's are also Authorized Oakley Dealers. So if any of you are Automotive Technicians hit up your local Matco guy for some new shades! :cool:
Almost forgot to mention my Oakley stash:

Black/Black Irid Half Jacket XLJ (keep in my pickup)
Black/Black Irid Flak Jacket XLJ (keep in my tool truck)
Jacknife 2.0 (with Transitions lenses) for when I'm not wearing my contacts
Misc. Oakley T-shirts
Sheetmetal Wool Cap 3.0 (my everyday hat)

I'd love to pick up a pair of the new Fast Jackets and also a new watch, but I'm waiting for some new styles to come out first.

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