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Welcome to the new Oakley Deals and Steals area on the Oakley Forum. This area was designed so that members can share good deals on Oakley Products, they have found online(i.e Ebay, Craigslist, etc.. Please read the below rules before posting in this area:

1) No self-promoting, this is not the area for you to post your own craigslist or ebay ad, you can post your own ad in the appropriate Exchange area.

2) Include links for online sales, Always include a link to the sale you are discussing unless of course the sale is in a store, in which case please provide as much details as possible

3) Include details, please do not simply post a link and write "Good Deal", Include as many details about the sale and product as you can, also please Title the thread based on the sale, not just "Read this, awesome deal".

4) NO FAKES, Any users posting links to sites with "Awesome Deals" selling counterfeit Oakley products will be warned and possibly banned. This forum is dedicated to Authentic Oakley products.

5) No Link shorteners, Please do not use a link shortener when posting links to sales. Always include the original URL to the site.

6) Enjoy, this area was created per numerous requests from the community for a forum where they could share sales and deals with other members, so have fun and be courteous!

Glad the communication is clear and helps promote a positive environment. Thank you.

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Out of curiosity, whats the reason for rule 5, the no short links? Is it just so the person potentially clicking on it knows exactly where they are going?

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