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Oakley Deviation Fit and Ear Stem Material?


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I recently bought a deviation fire iridium with yellow rubbers. I bought these blind buy without testing it I dont really know what to expect from them the yellow rubbers attracted me the most and the fire iridiums as this is my fave color LOL.
my questions.
1. are they all made of c5 alloy including the ear stems?? as the plaintiff is not it looks cheap I have one before gave it away because the ear stems were plastics.

2. how is the fit?? is it for bigger faces pics will be very much appreciated.

3. lastly do you love it?? comfort wise??

thanks guys.
C5 is a weird frame material. It doesn't feel quite solid. It's dang light on these small-bodied wires, but it just has a blah feeling for me. I have a plaintiff squared and the stems are definitely a sore spot for me.

The Deviation is all C5. They were fine glasses. I ditched mine. A combination of the flat fit and the pair I had was warm grey.