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🦘Oakley Donor Lens Quick Reference Guide 2022


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Dublin, Ca
Woah! Trump is no longer with us! When did that happen? Did wonder why I hadn't seen anything from him lately. Some bad news I missed. Poor guy, I liked him as he was straight up with people and liked a laugh. 😢
Trump as in Fück over your Obros Trump?


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Hey @cacatman
Plazma oo9019 is 8.75 base curve.

It will be a good donor for:
Penny yes
Juliet yes
Xx xmetal without etching. Yes
Xx xmetal (non polarized only) retain etching, yes

Plazma donors will NOT work for:
Racing Jackets (of any generation)
Pit bosses (of any generation)
X-Squared (donor too small).

I hope this info helps and can be added to lists? Thanks to @Lars for a donated donor. And @X-Metal Beast for the interest in helping this testing round happen.
Thankyou @Chris A Hardaway, @X-Metal Beast and @Lars! You guys are the best! Updated the list.

Chris A Hardaway

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San Luis Obispo, CA
Are Turbine lens a suitable donor for pit bulls?
If not, outside of JB/RJ are there any donors for them?
Good question
I believe they are not cannot confirm. Double Edge oo9380 would certainly be big enough for pit bulls.
Does anyone else know of something like big taco (extinct) or gauge 8L would work?


Beast Coast
Iridium peel on old lenses was bad enough I gave up on tape an just started tracing the overlays with xacto straight to the donors :oops:
So far its been alright, cut up a few split jacket lenses for NSJ II and MD today... also Style Switch is a donor for MD if hand cut.