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Oakley Driving Gloves


Oakley Expert
Stopped by the Vault this week and didn't find much, but I did see these. I don't really have a use for them, but they are Oakley and I had to have them.
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how much do you paid for them?
i would like to have a pair for my display!
They were had for the bargain price of $30!!!! Another reason I had to get a pair.

These are proper flame retardent race driving gloves. Too bad these weren't around about 10 years ago when I used to race in the junior formula.
Ha! I have been looking for a pair of Oakley gloves (not picky on style) and I can't find anything at all. I am up at Stowe,VT this weekend and checked out all ski and bike shops to no avail!
I wouldn't mind these.. Could use a pair of driving gloves! :D