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Discussion in 'Oakley Deals and Steals' started by Rotorhead, 3/9/16.

  1. Rotorhead

    Rotorhead Premium Member

    Perhaps it is already known, but just in case I did hear that Family and Friends will be starting on Friday, 3/18. My first time, but I think that means some decent discount coupons at the stores.
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  2. bean323


    hmm.. time for a new watch.. lol.. maybe..
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  3. Kuztomized

    Kuztomized Premium Member

    Both in-store and online?

  4. Rotorhead

    Rotorhead Premium Member

    Sorry, but not sure at this time :popcorn:

  5. djhyper66


    Better go to my local Oakley store and ask them when there giving away the friends family post card!! Seems like they get super super strict about friends and family sale!! I love the peel and reveal sales better. But. Not going pass up friends and family. Time for new lenses!!!

  6. Jacob L

    Jacob L

    I was told that friends and family is going to be more strict. A manager told me it is 10 friends and families per associates.

  7. djhyper66


    Discount card came in the mail!! check your mail guys two 30 percent off coupons came today!!



    If I am not signed up for anything can I still get the discount?

  9. bad fishy

    bad fishy

    Oakley F & F - 3/18 - 1f6d1d91c919d9dd1683ea17673c1b25.jpg
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    I need one of those^

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