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Oakley Friends And Family Coupons - 25% Off From November 28th To December 9th


Double Team
Premium Member
Portland, OR
Every year Oakley does a friends and family promotion where they give out coupons good for 25% off on most eyewear, apparel, accessories and more. This year the coupons are valid from November 28th to December 9th so ask your local Oakley store about the promo. This is the only time Oakley ever officially gives discounts (besides their Vault stuff) so take advantage of it!
Im getting one of these in the mail soon. i had to send back one of my blacklight frogskins the day i got it because it has some manufacturing defects on it. i was pretty upset. they just sent them out last week, so i should be getting them soon. but i took them 3 months before they sent them back to me, but after i was talking with a lady on the phone from okaley she said she felt really bad and would send me a coupon... so i guess im happy
I'm pretty lucky. Got 3 right all within 30 minutes of my house. Maybe I'll pick up a Jupiter Squared with this coupon...