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Oakley Fuel Cell Customized Stem.


Oakley Beginner
I have finally got my Oakley Fuel Cell's with the custom stem and I would like to say is that the colors that are shown on Oakley's website is quite different from what you get.

What Oakley Shows:


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Wow! I mean I like how the classes look, I think they are awesome, but their is a big difference between the colors on the website and the colors on the real glasses. On the site they look more teal, while on the glasses, they appear to be more blue/purple and darker. The flag icon is pretty cool though!
Crazy! they still look awesome but wow never would have guessed you would see that big of a color difference. still an awesome pair of glasses!
So do u think the earstem would go well with blue icons and ice iridium lenses?

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