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Where do you think Oakley prices are going to go in the future?
The watches are totally discontinued so you would think over time the brand as a watchmaker will be less know and desire will dwindle and therefor pricing with go down?
Or you may think since the Watch line is discontinued they will even be more collectable so pricing will stay the same or go north?

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Unfortunately like all things that become classics they will always demand a higher price on some, or stay around the same price, I know Time bombs dropped by half in value, except a few collectible ones, but the top tier watches have increased. As long as there is a demand they will always increase.


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In the long run I think supply will outweigh demand, so prices will drop.

Face it, we are a bunch of 'old guys' who know Oakley <2007. The older ones might start selling their collections in, say, ten years, and I highly doubt there's a lot of younger people starting collecting.


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Agreed, my kids just look at their phones, none wear watches, and I I’ve offered to let them look at mine.
Only thing might be as watches get worn, beat up, lost, stolen or break, future prices may change based on these things??


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As a guy in his younger twenties I can say huge oakley watch fan. I have about 7 MM watches and counting. Oakley watches are a piece of oakley history that you can wear and they look badass. So they should retain their values for the most part since they are different and unique compared to other watches out there.

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