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  1. Raven

    Raven Guest

    Ok, I have all 3 models.

    I know the Salomon are the only ones that are not polarized, and overall wanted to hear if anyone here has any knowledge of the overall comparison of these 3 or Oakley versus the others for overall value and wearability.

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. Rezechs

    Rezechs Oakley Enthusiast

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    I think i have a pretty good idea what the answers will be
  3. OakleyGuru379

    OakleyGuru379 What is that thing?!

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    Only Oakley has High Definition Optics. Only Oakley has over 600 patents for developments in eyewear. Only Oakley has pure Plutonite lenses and true color perception. You tell me which is better.
  4. the_owl

    the_owl Oakley Expert

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    ****in avatar. one post with this?
  5. nlgrav182

    nlgrav182 Oakley Enthusiast

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    Let me break it down right quick:

    Oakley: Starts with an O. O looks like 0. 0 is zero. Zero is nothing. Oakley is nothing.
    Salomon: Starts with an S. BS stands for bullshit. S stands for ****. Salomon is ****.
    Arnette: Starts with an A. A is first. A is the best grade. The first best grade is the best. Arnette is the best.

    Problem solved, you're welcome.
    Raven likes this.
  6. 702baby

    702baby Under The Electric Sky

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    I'm pretty sure I know what those pills are in your avatar :slow:
    Last edited: 9/5/13
  7. rightcoastnj

    rightcoastnj Oakley Enthusiast

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    yea... bleh


    Yea, so anyway.. Oakley is on a different level than the other two.
  8. Raven

    Raven Guest

    Great angles, and I gotta be honest, having gone through 10 or so top notch sunglasses since 1995, I take care of them cuz I aint sponsored and work for a living. and try to buy them at 50% off if possible and I have. Why pay $300 when you can grab a pair for less.. ?? If I was rich fukit.

    having ski'd, snowboarded, and been on a boat or 2 in a few places, 25 stamps on my passports, the Arnette ~ Raven model , currently Rage model, polarized and ONLY EVER will wear any shades in matte balck, I always had a blueish tint and recently while grabbing my new hiking shoes at a Salomon spot I saw 50% on the sunglass booth and bought the only pair that looked good on my huge cranium. Model: Aero 0104 106, the bom bom bom bom...

    it seems we perceive the world in similar ways and I would bet you look at the time a lot and see 3;33 or 11:11 too? Just a hunch ... anyhow, the Oakleys are great too but I find the lighter, smooth matte finish is comfy,, and I only wear fishing hats and never could wear baseball caps or just any plain old shades as I got headaches, and so on.

    As for true legit quality, clarity, and regardless if the Salomon Aero (not polarized) and the others are I gotta admit, and i am sober now, the Salomon are my choice.

    But thanks for all your reply's, I was just wondering if anyone else ever personally actually had expericne with these all...
  9. pistolpetefan23

    pistolpetefan23 Oakley Expert Premium Member

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    I had a pair of Arnette Infamous polarized dark grey glasses for about 6 months. Solid glasses but ended up selling them because they were just a hair small for my big head. Quality-wise, I thought they were very good. I now have 4 pairs of Oakley's, and will likely continue to buy Oakley's as opposed to Arnette, largely because I like the styling and fit much better. I'm not arguing Arnette's are as good as Oakley in terms of optics, but they are very good, and despite what some people here seem to suggest, your eyes won't fall out if you wear them.