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For Sale Oakley Gascan Transformers Ice Polarized Black Polarized

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Been out of the forum mix for a bit- 2020 till now had some major life changes....all positive but upheaval is upheaval. Finally getting around to retooling the collection so some things are ready for new homes.

Here is the Gascan Transformers- comes with Ice Iridium Polarized and Black Iridium Polarized lenses as well as 3D lenses. All immaculate with no scratches and the BIP have never been installed.

Frames in excellent condition, everything tight. Comes with all packaging etc. Though the box has some wear (see pictures).

Overall nice package in excellent condition.....I'm out of the what's a fair price loop so I'm winging it ...open to offers so feel free but not interested in trades.

$250 CONUS. Shipping free via USPS but please note I now live on the rural Northern Oregon Coast a 30 min roundtrip from a post office, it's only open M-F 8-5 and those are my work hours so sometimes I only make it into town once a week when open though sometimes the wife goes in for hair appointments and the like. Short of it is sometimes it can take 2-5 days to ship depending on when a purchase is consummated.









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Definitely considering these, amazing piece, plus I also live in Oregon.....
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These are pretty cool
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