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Oakley Gearbox


Oakley Beginner
hi guys... newbie here, great forum by the way....i am considering buying myself an Oakley Gearbox and would just like to know what the actual size in mm the case is,pls... im from Australia, so is the the Gearbox styles available here and would it be cheaper to buy from overseas or the the US as our dollar is faring really well at the moment and the prices here for Oakley watches are still considerably more expensive
hmmmm if had to guess off hand i would say that the case is about 12-15 mm about half an inch probly a little more. im pretty sure gear box is available in Australia, check it out call a o-store there and ask and see how much it will cost too, here they go for 600-725 US.
wow....it is considerably cheaper there, considering our dollar is worth as much if not a little better than yours at the moment, thru the o-shop here the black tan dial and the white dial is going for 850AU to 900AU retail and the Stealth for 950AU to 1000AU retail. that's a big difference...is there a shop there you can recommend or can I go thru US o-shop?
and do you know the measurements for the actual face?
hmmm shop wise not really, i know some guys on here will buy stuff for you and ship it if you want, that would probly be your best bet

the case diameter is 46.8 mm (i would maybe add a little for the dial too) and the case thickness is 15.8 mm, its a pretty big watch in all, hope that helps
I bought this watch about 4 months ago on Ebay and I'm very glad I did. It is big and bold, beautiful and unique. I wear it out whenever I get the chance. Obviously I haven't owned it for very long, but it seems very durable and definitely high quality. An awesome piece of design. Haven't seen another person wearing one, and doubt I ever will. Just awesome is all I can say.