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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    A lesser known part of the Xmas 2014 Collection, Oakley released 40 each of 4 different sketches. One was of the Eye Jacket, one the Sub Zero, one conceptual and the fourth was The Romeo. Offered here is #32 of 40 and is nicely matted (from the factory) and is ready for framing.

    The lithograph measures 28" L x 22" H including matting (new x metal case shown for scale). It's a real piece of art on textured board and has the look of done in pencil.
    Asking $309.30 G&S delivered to the US and international at buyers expense.
    Oakley Giclee Romeo sketch/lithograph - DSC_0295.JPG Oakley Giclee Romeo sketch/lithograph - DSC_0296.JPG Oakley Giclee Romeo sketch/lithograph - DSC_0295.JPG Oakley Giclee Romeo sketch/lithograph - DSC_0297.JPG Oakley Giclee Romeo sketch/lithograph - DSC_0298.JPG Oakley Giclee Romeo sketch/lithograph - DSC_0300.JPG

    Oakley Giclee Romeo sketch/lithograph - DSC_0294.JPG
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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

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  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Too soon to bump?
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous The Legend - - Vlad the Impaler

    Yes. Reporting you
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  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I was not following when Oakley released these art prints,now looking at them It seems to me very obvious that this sketch is made after the product was finished as illustration sketch,It doesn't look like the early concept sketches that they designers select for development of the project-that would be something I would be looking for....the perspective ,rendering style and precision with which the drawing is made clearly looks like it was done after the product was designed already...
    Please don't take it as sabotaging your post its not against Car guys post:) Its pitty that Oakley could release something much cooler from the development stage of x metals........ :)
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I don't mind discussing these my friend, we come here to talk about these sorts of things. I believe that this drawing represents the a point beyond conceptualization- but before production.

    I would disagree on a couple of points if I may:
    A bullet point states that these will use a base 6 lens... but the production lens is an 8
    Another point states possible to use carbon for the arms but they wound up behind cast as well.

    So in my humble opinion this represents a point where the Romeo was essentially done but needed just a little more sorting.

    One of the other giclees suits your interest better. It's pretty clearly an early Juliet but it doesn't look like the production flex coupler was settled and has a date drawn. A little bit of color to wake it up too:
    Oakley Giclee Romeo sketch/lithograph - 20151201_235722.jpg
    Oakley Giclee Romeo sketch/lithograph - 20151201_235731.jpg
    Oakley Giclee Romeo sketch/lithograph - 20151202_000004.jpg

    And the Eye Jacket giclee has a couple of spelling errors that I assume would have been corrected in a more formal release. Bezzle and creese spring are clearly wrong. The detail on the lens is beautiful and the spelling is cool too:
    Oakley Giclee Romeo sketch/lithograph - 20151201_235803.jpg
    Oakley Giclee Romeo sketch/lithograph - 20151201_235928.jpg
    Oakley Giclee Romeo sketch/lithograph - 20151201_235904.jpg
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  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Agree on this point taken these sketches really look more like development sketches for the R1 or other metals,even they look bit like eye jacket true...
    The R1 sketch is really beautifull,but these other ones are most likely real development sketches when X metals were being born :)
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Personally I think the sketch you are selling of R1 is probably best out of all of them for putting on the wall :)
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous JFL lover

    You could always try and find one of these.
    Given out to the first 5 (I think) people in line at the collectors events last year.
    Oakley Giclee Romeo sketch/lithograph - E1A1143E-9FAE-4893-B265-02B70DB21901_zpsvgoviw3u.jpg
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    What does that one measure? That's a cool one too and I've not seen that one in person. Was it given out already matted or rolled up? The production giclees are on 1/4" foam backing and printed on textured paper. How were these sketches packaged and presented?