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Sold Oakley Gift Card

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Up for sale is an Oakley Gift Card. Lightly used and has one scratch on it. I'll rate the card at an 8 of 10. I am the original owner. Skus match. Still has the retail sticker 🤣

$93.28 on it
Asking $65

But in all seriousness, just tossing this out there. If no interest by the end of the week, I'll just use it. I was told there's apparently there's some sort of "GLITCH" on Oakley's site that won't let you use the gift card online, even though on the back of the card is says you CAN use gift cards at Oakley.com. Worse yet, it's been an issue for awhile and they don't have an eta as to when it will be fixed...
Yeah right Luxottica...
That makes it only useful in stores

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