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Oakley Hatchet Replacement


Oakley Beginner
I am trying to find a replacement kit for my Hatchet's. My daughter knocked my Oakley glasses off my head while placing her on my shoulders and my left nose piece decided to no longer be on my glasses..

I know the glasses are no longer made but they are special to me and any suggestions would be greatly appericated...

I have tried other nose pieces and so far striking out... Flak Jacket, Scapel, Half Jacket all do not work. I can post a pic if needed. Thank you
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Any extra ones you have Typhoon?

Looking more and more I am thinking the Juliet X-Metals look very similar and have almost identical nose pad from pictures.... Ideas?
Sorry dont have anymore. I just email asking if I could by them straight from Oakly because the Vault stores diddnt have any- they asked for my address and a pair appeared a week later. I dont think the Juliets are the same. The Hatchets and Penny's are different though they look very similar.
I called Oakley Customer Service as well as Oakley stores in the area 3 of them and struck out at all chances. They Customer services rep said juliets will not work... if you see any will u let me know. I will continue look on Ebay, Thanks.
Oakley-high price low quality

I bought a pair of Oakley Hatchet prescription sunglasses. I inadvertently touched the silvering on the lens with sunscreen on my finger. It ruined the silvering. I finally removed all of the silvering with a product called plast-x that is available at wal-mart. I kept using the glasses because they worked so well for motorcycle riding. Now I have lost a nose pad and find that they are not available any longer. I have a pair of $650.00 sunglasses that I cannot use any longer because a little rubber part is not replaceable.