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Oakley Holeshot


Oakley Beginner
Hi everybody,
I'm looking for a stainless steel back case for my HOLESHOT, if anybody can give me a clue where i can find this spare part , that would be very nice. Thank you in advance.
I would send it into Oakley and have the warranty dept replace it for a small fee. You might get lucky and find a damaged one on ebay for parts....
Yes,sending to an authorized Oakley store would be the best option, but unfortunately it's to difficult to do this because is no authorized Oakley retailer or store in Romania, as far as i know, (all my items are from US). I don't really know what can be right "way" to send in US, the shipping, handling, custom and postal fees all this thing make this simple thing to difficult and to expensive. I'm trying also to find a piece on e-Bay without any luck ,and honestly, i like to find one in mint condition with no scratches or damage on it, i have already one in this "ugly"condition this is the only reason why i'm looking for another back case. I don’t know if is there a chance to got one from Oakley,maybe they have own principles regarding this type of case, and they don’t send/ship spare parts. I thought i can find somebody here who can find one for me and send it to me. I’m 100% honest, i will pay promptly, im a PayPal and e-Bay member Since 2008 no negative or neutral only 103 positive feedback you are welcome to check (e-bay user: nyilkarobert).Anyway, thank you for your time and for your answer.Have a great day.Robert.