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Oakley-ify An Unbranded Display Case


Oakley Beginner
Just wanted to offer up some suggestions on how to turn an unbranded display case into an OAKLEY case.... I'll be taking some more pictures of the finished project soon, but here's what the inside of it looks like.

I started with an Ultra View CB-7 Tower Showcase which is 20" x 20" x 72", the first one on this page, that I got from a friend of mine closing down his comic book store for $150.


Retail on this is around the $500 mark, but you can find them used or find another one similar to it. As you can see, the tops and bottoms of it look very Oakley, which is why I wanted this so bad when I heard he was closing up shop. As I do vinyl graphics for a living, it wasn't hard to size the black OAKLEY text to fit the top curve and then vinyl up the inside of it. Here's some pics of the inside, including my collection:

Link to private Facebook page with my Oakley Collection album

Case in point (no pun intended), you don't need to source a real Oakley display case to house your collection - I did it for much cheaper and could fit my entire display for my C-SIX Aluminums in the top shelf. Something you'll have trouble doing on anything that says OAKLEY laser etched in it considering they aren't 20" x 20" like my display case is!