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  1. Batwolf

    Batwolf Double Team Premium Member

    Trophy Points:
    How many of you guys have converted your family or friends to Oakley? I have given my sister and mother glasses and they all love them. My younger sister has a Four Legged Frogskin and my mother has a Caveat and Breast Cancer Ravishing.
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  2. chrisbron

    chrisbron Oakley Enthusiast

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    My mum really liked my acid pink frogskins with VL lenses. She really liked the clarity! So I gave her them :)

    If I see her wearing them this summer, I'll get her some proper Oakley Ruby lenses.
  3. Pjam23

    Pjam23 Oakley Collector

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    My wife, she would always settle for cheap sunglasses, now I bought her two pairs 130 each so he's stocked and into oakleys now, you could tell the way she's always cleaning them
  4. kinston1989

    kinston1989 Oakley Beginner

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    Well actually my oldest bro converted me to Oakley's haha, :cool:
  5. KingJupiter

    KingJupiter Oakley Enthusiast

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    My whole family. Brother has 15-20 pairs, mom has 5 or 6, dad has a few including Rx Bottlecaps, aunts, uncles, grandfather...everyone has at least one.

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  6. qBan

    qBan The Hijinxer

    Trophy Points:
    i turned my brother into oakley. he doesnt collect or anything, but when he saw all my holbrooks one day next to each other he loved them! now he has a motogp holbrook and he loves it!
  7. Oakley Stephen

    Oakley Stephen Oakley Collector

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    I have gotten my wife, brother, brother in-law, and quite a few friends into Oaks. Wife has 5 pairs (I bought most of them) brother is trying to keep up with 30-35 pairs, brother in-law has 7-8 pairs. all they had to do was wear a pair for a little while and they where hooked. They all used to wear the cheap 10 dollars pairs and we all know how bad there quality is
  8. D-Rat

    D-Rat Oakley Beginner

    Trophy Points:
    It's a work in progress ;)

    My mom likes her designer brand shades
    My dad is loyal to Maui Jim
    And my sister is ignorant (lol)

    However, I've converted 3-4 of my close friends.
    One has a pair of gascans and a pair of m-frames
    One has a pair of SW Dispatch
    One has a pair of Holbrooks and a pair of Dispatch II
  9. SpliceD

    SpliceD B-)

    Trophy Points:
    Wife wears them only because i bought them for her. She'd rather wear designer glasses.
    Sister used to wear Oakleys, but now wears designer.
    Dad and Mom don't care. If it's cheap, they'll wear it.
    Friends think i'm crazy for spending the kind of money i do for even one pair, let alone my collection. Although they have tried on my sunglasses and do acknowledge the lenses are better.
    I did convert one of my friends to wearing Oakleys. He's not into collecting, but does love the fact that the lenses are superior to anything else.
  10. foleyness

    foleyness Oakley Enthusiast

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    Everyone I talk to about it says the same thing, too expensive. I'm still trying though. My brother is a hardcore RayBan fan, it's killing me...