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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by HJames2990, 6/10/11.

  1. HJames2990


    I haven't been around as long as most of you. I'm only 15 and I've been into oakleys for about 3 years. I read all these things you guys post about their older glasses being so much more innovative and different than normal sunglasses. I see things like the plate, the splice, and scar, and I think to myself that I wish I had a pair! Oakley is turning away from irradical thinking and unconventional behavior. I'm sure that a lot of you would agree with me. The only things I'm really impressed with in Oakley's current line is the Juliet, X-Squared, and the Fast Jacket. Ever since Jim left it just hasn't been the same. I don't know as much about the company as most of you, but I think we can all agree that they are going down the wrong path. What do you guys think?

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  2. SpliceD


    That's because Oakley was sold to Luxxotica. The only reason you would want to buy a company is to make money off of it. Luxxotica saw Oakley as a brand that already had marketability. They're not in it to make the collectors happy. They're in it to make money from the masses. I think this is why a lot of their sunglasses have become boring. Simple designs sell. Crazy designs don't.

    As far as "going down the wrong path", I have to disagree. The way they're doing business will allow them to continue to grow as it allows them to make more money. I'd say about 80% of their sunglasses are toned down for the people who just want sunglasses, 15% will go to those who actually use them in sports, and the other 5% are the collectors who will pay top dollar for something different.

    I still remember back in 1998, frogskins cost $50. Now that they have their "collectors" line, they're asking $100-150 which i think is ridiculous. That being said, i still want a pair to replace my originals :)

  3. HJames2990


    I've been searching for the longest time for a pair of Scars! I found a pair on ebay for 50 bucks buy it now. But it's the persimmon colorway. I want the black frame. If anyone has a pair for the right price I'd be glad to take them off your hands. Or a splice...

  4. the piper

    the piper

    U are preaching to the choir ..for those without $ or interest in collectors/artists series Luxx has impacted Oakley very negatively ...thats just one opinion Fans of the big lens/frame have cause to rejoice but in my 40's I'd look foolish in Antix or Batwolf..darn I wish I'd kept my splices I have a few older styles to part with..things I had 2 of and never wore but no Splices or Scars... O maintains they operate the same as b4 Luxx but not so...their acetate is sometimes outsourced to China I dont care what they tell me Bought woman's frame for wife 2 years ago in O store in Soho...made in China

  5. ucdavis4PT0gpa


    I agree 100% with everything that has been written above. I realized this a couple years ago and made a concerted effort to stockpile classic Oakley designs as much as I could and in that effort obtained a discontinued Titanium Juliet, XX 24K and Ti02, Splice Ice and Plate Silver/Black. The only "post 2002" design I own is the Pit Boss and really that should be included in that 2002-2003 era because its design began there and its clearly derivative of the designs from that time (Splice, Valve, Scar, Plate etc). I do think these models will have to keep me happy for many years because I have yet to see an Oakley that I must own in recent years.

    I have thought about adding the Scar because there is clearly a glut of them out there....I would appreciate anyone's insights on fit because it seems to me to be pretty small (for perspective, the Juliet is borderline too small on me).

  6. ExMetal


    The masses don't like oakley, they like he truely boring glasses like ray bans and maui jim. Girls tend to like those big eurotrash looking D&G glasses too. Those are the kind of glasses that would break from a gnat impact. I never ever see a girl wearing oakleys, any guys I see wearing oakleys usually have what look like minutes on. What oakley should be doing is making the less expensive models in a variety of colorways, I'm talking at least 10 different colorways.

  7. SpliceD


    The Scar is a nice fit. The majority of the frame is O-matter so it'll contour to your head. If you can fit the Juliet, the Scar will be fine. My Juliets are size 15 and they fit me a little snug. The Scar fits similar, but more comfortably. I personally have the Midnight/fire colorway and love the look of it. (Sorry OP, not for sale :) ). It could also be considered somewhat part of the X-metal line as it does have the X-metal lug in the frame where the earstems attach. I've found the more crazy colors for sale out there (Persimmon, Butterscotch, and Electric Blue) all for under $100. I almost pulled the trigger on a pair of Electric Blues, but the colorway is just too much and i probably wouldn't have worn it.

  8. RetinaBurn


    After giving this some thought, I agree with what everyone is saying. It seems as Oakley is not producing the out of control, cutting edge styles they once did. But remember too that Oakley is now a lot bigger company than is was back them. Those early styles put them on the map, but I doubt if they kept producing only those types of sunglasses that they could stay in business for very long (especially with the size of the company now). Those original styles came out in a time when there was nothing else like that and the company didn’t need to sell millions of pairs to be profitable. They expanded a BMX grip company to goggles and sunglasses and now added apparel, footwear and accessories (including a women’s line). Also, their competition gets better every year as they try to play catch up. (IMO they never will, but that’s just me)

    They still remember their roots, the Collector’s Frogskins, re-issue of the Razor Blade, Eyeshade and the Time Bomb II watch. Also, now the Elite series but I do miss some of the eccentric accessories they use to make, the Icon Claw Carabineer, Bob Head Keychain, Flight Deck Helmet and the Medusa. They haven’t completely forgotten their heritage, they did buy a tank and they still have the helipad at the company. And let’s not forget company Headquarters building (who else would have a building like that?) Remember too, they did have a Factory Co-Pilot Contest a couple of years ago to find 50 of their biggest fans and brought them to HQ from around the world. I can’t remember any company that would do that for its most loyal customers. They just have to have a broader appeal in order to do business in this day and age. Unfortunately, that means fashionable styles in order to stay competitive and grab and retain market share. That being said, they will never lose me a customer.

  9. ExMetal


    It's a very common tale, company(oakley) gets founded and establishes itself with cutting edge design. Later company makes alot of money from said cutting edge design then company gets sold off to a larger company(luxottica) because CEO apparently has made enough money then the buying company(luxottica) kills off alot of the cutting edge design because it only cares about making money period. Then what usually happens last is the cutting edge design company dies because the parent company has totally torpedo the magic that made cutting edge company what it is. Oakley can still make money and have cutting edge design just evolve the previous frames, all of them. Like making 2.0 and 3.0 etc.

  10. The Game

    The Game

    i like the direction the company is headed. i remember being a fan back in the early/mid 00's and seeing very few styles that i would purchase. i remember looking at glasses like the unknown, eye jacket 3.0, dartboard, trenchcoat, fatcat, fives 2.0, fate, four, halo and haylons. i thought these models look like ****. there wasnt anything other than x-metals that i would buy. the best styles at the time were monster dogs and half jackets. it wasnt till i saw the oil drum that i thought they were making a strong comeback. currently i think that they need to stop pushing the womens line so much. i know they want that market but they need to realize women only care about name brands like gucci and prada rather than something that really performs. i think their major women buyers are softball players.

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