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Oakley Jet Black Vs Polished Black. Differences?


Oakley Beginner
Allentown, PA
What's the difference between the Oakley Jet Black color and the Polished Black color that Oakley offers. (More specifically in the Radar series). I already own the Polished black and such I wanted to know what you guys liked better and what the difference was between the two shades of black.

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i agree, same color to my eye. however it is possible it is a construction difference. what i mean is that i had a jet black radar frame, and after some time the earstem tips peeled and chipped.. black "paint" flakes.. revealing more black underneath though so it wasnt badly noticeable but it wasnt smooth. i believe polished black is just the raw plastic tht has been polished though, so you avoid all the chipping/peeling problems.


Pronounced, "Spliced"
Los Angeles, CA
Same color. Have a pair of Polished Black USC Flak Jackets that i dropped and chipped the frame. I bought a pair of Jet Black Flak Jackets to do a swap. No difference in finish at all.


Oakley Expert
Jet black is a coating, polished black is molded. If you take a polished black frame outside and hold it up against the sun, you will see it is actually a very dark crystal red or purple (most are red). Jet black is a paint applied. Polished naturally will be more glossy until marred from handling lol.