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  1. X_Metal32

    X_Metal32 Oakley Beginner

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    Here's 3 photos of X-metal, Carbon and Polish, all with Fire Iridium...just getting opinons.
    Does anyone think the Polished Frame is the way to go here. The only other frames I was considering was X-metal or Carbon. Also, any rubber tip ideas, thinking Red or Black. Maybe even yellow? Trying to come up with something that pops~
    If anyone has a similar pair custom built, wouldn't mind seeing a photo.
    Referring to the Oakley Juliet Hammer Stems, those are the frames I'm sending in.

    Oakley Juliet Fire Iridium: Choosing Frame - mXW5rQER35HVq9w2vXvrEgg.jpg

    Oakley Juliet Fire Iridium: Choosing Frame - $(KGrHqF,!p8FIMs!+y+lBSGBg4MWfw~~60_57.JPG

    Oakley Juliet Fire Iridium: Choosing Frame - images.jpg
    Last edited: 8/9/15
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  2. jdd32

    jdd32 X Metal Workshop

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    In general, red rubbers go very nicely with fire/ruby lenses. I don't have pics of my juliets handy as they're boxed up at the moment. I've had R1 polished and XS Carbon setup with that combo (unfortunately red ear socks not shown when I took those pics).

    The XS pic would show you roughly what fire/ruby lenses look like in various frame colors.
    Top row: Carbon/Black, Polished/Ice, X-Metal/Ruby, Carbon/Fire + Red tshocks
    Bottom row: Plasma/Fire, Polished/VR28BI, Polsihed Carbon/Black, Ducati Carbon/Black

    Oakley Juliet Fire Iridium: Choosing Frame - DSC_1350 copy.jpg

    Oakley Juliet Fire Iridium: Choosing Frame - XS collection.jpg
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  3. flyer

    flyer Oakley Expert

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    I like the look of the carbon/fire best, and X metal, least.
    Agreed, red socks and bumpers would look killer with it.
    (I have carbon /+red polarized/black socks, and have been considering red s&b myself).