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Easily one of the most famous pairs of classic Oakleys, the Juliet is a favorite amongst collectors. But how did we get here? And how has it maintained it’s status for all these years?

The Oakley Juliet Sunglasses were introduced in 1999, at the height of the X-Metal craze, with a simple but memorable rounded lens design pictured below. Originally retailing for $275 for the X-Metal / Black Iridium Colorway.

Oakley Juliet.jpeg

Now onto the review and why they are so popular. The answer is simple, they are stylish, they have a fantastic fit and they just plain look great! The frame itself is sturdy and can take some hits! I’ve had my X-Metal Juliet’s for the last decade, through drops and fallsm through bends and what I thought would be breaks – they have stood tall and together (with regular tune ups)

Along with that sturdiness naturally comes weight; owners in the past have echoed complaints that the Juliet feels substantially heavier than other pairs. Now in comparison to a modern O Matter frame such as the Gascan, this will certainly ring true, since we’re comparing plastic to metal, however I’ve never felt the weight to be burdensome in any way.

On to style. They are distinct, they are classic, they are edgy all at once. The cuts and rivets add a post apocalyptic feel that is distinctive of Oakley in the “Mad scientist era”, but the simplistic design brings them back to reality. One of the most unique features of the Juliet is the folded Oakley O’s which poke out from the side of the ear stems, displaying the logo of its creator (see picture below).

Oakley 24K Juliet folded.jpg

So the real question is, where can you buy Oakley Juliets? This is where it gets a bit tricky. Oakley began discontinuing most of their X-Metals back in 2011/2012 to the disappointment of collectors. However in the years past they have released some new models, including the Madman and Badman, but alas the Juliet has stayed away from shelves.

If you’re looking to score a pair of these now, you’re best bet is the aftermarket. The X-Metal Exchange typically has a large amount of Juliets for sale across different colors/models.

The obvious other source is eBay but you’ll want to be careful to avoid fakes and purchase only from reputable sellers.

Already own a pair of Juliets? Thinking of buying? Have some fun facts about this legendary pair? Show your thoughts in the comments below and we’ll keep this guide updated!

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A great source of x metals if you want to try them without investing alot of cash is Facebook market or gumtree. Get some beaters and try them and if you like them there is guys on the forum who will make them better than new.




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can someone tell me what kind of sunglasses this is and what is it worth for sale (series no. JB022614)?





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