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Discussion in 'Oakley X-Metal Discussion' started by Ratbou, 9/16/11.

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  1. Ratbou


    Hi my name is Ratbou & my poison is a Plasma Emerald Juliet, bought it brand new from an authorized Oakley dealer not too long ago, parted ways with my $350. To my surprise, after breaking it in for a whole day, I noticed the right frame to be a little bit wobbly while cleanining it. Realizing something was wrong I went online to checkout this issue, I was shocked to find out Juliet owners are into the same problem. After going through all the complaints/questions, a rubber insert is what it's all about. Based on what those in the know is suggesting, a call to a 1800 number will get Oakley to repair it for a cost of $30-90 bucks.... Shoot! I'm not sending my Juliet back even it was still under warranty, My instinct told me I could fix it myself, so on I went to my tool box to find an old rubber fan belt for my remote control car, the thickness was perfect for the gap between the X nose bridge. took out my Xacto knife to cut 2 pcs of the same length, about a millimeter long. Here's the tricky part. You need a lot of PATIENCE & a toothpick (don't use anything sharp or metal to push that rubber you cut a while ago, as it may scratch the lens if it accidentally slips). Moving forward. once you get that piece of rubber in between the gap below the X bridge it will wedge & hold the frame in place, do the same procedure on the other side. You will notice the gap on top of the X bridge will disappear, it's okay. Now check it out. the frames are now tight, will not wobble & you saved yourself some dollars as well. Hope this would help. Ciao
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  2. OFather


    Your messing with an art piece to which you are ignorant to. Your frames should not be tight. The nose piece can become loose over time, but not in a day. It becomes loose over many months, sometimes years. Unless you put that frame through hell that day, you are overreacting. You should never stick rubber into the nose piece. I have a pair of Juliets myself and my nose piece is slightly loose. That's how it comes. If you've only had it for a short time, 30 days or less, then take it back to the store you bought it from. Didn't buy it from a Oakley store? (like you should have?) Then go to an O-Store and try on a new pair. You'll see that they all have a slight looseness to them. Overall, they are your glasses. You can do what you want with them, but just for the record...there was nothing wrong with them and now your walking around with a fan belt on your face.

  3. xmetalmaniac

    xmetalmaniac Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Welcome to the forum!!!!! Thanks for sharing your mod to fix one of the oldest issues with the Juilet frame there is. Sadly the right side becoming loose is a common thing for the frame also. The only thing I have experienced being the owner of numerous X Metal frames is that once you insert something into the gap between the nosebridge and the orbital, the flex coupler design in this area is defeated, thus the pivioting capability becomes ridgid. It is a good temporary fix, but for people that have a larger head it will put more pressure on the sides of the head then normal, and after a while it becomes uncomfortable and it will continue to loosen more. Oakley charges $60.00 to do this repair, alas it is high repair cost.

    What is nice, is that a lot of Juliet owners have moved into the X Squared frames. The frame has a better fit for the larger heads, it goes on smoother, AND... The nose bridge can be tightened and modded with a torx head screw driver, no need to send it in... If you havent had an opportunity to try these frames, give it a go, you may get hooked....

  4. Jruta


    Has anyone ever tried to remove the rivets? Im wonderimg because im sure eventually this may happen to my pennys, and from what i understand Oakkey will no longer service these, renderimg them useless. That would be a shame. Im wondering what the design is inside the flex coupler. Must be some type if rubber.

  5. xmetalmaniac

    xmetalmaniac Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Oakley will do them for you........ I would not suggest you trying this yourself...

  6. Jruta


    Thats good to know, i was under the impression Oakley would no longer service Pennys- I'd rather NOT try it at all. Lol

  7. Typhoon


    I had an Oakley Penny serviced recently from Oakley UK, so yes they still service them.
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  8. Jruta


    Very good to know.

  9. doowutchyalike


    I recently sent some Penny's in and while on the phone talking to the CS rep she continually told me they would Not service my Penny's, but I told her that less than a month ago I sent in some and they accepted them with no problem. I didn't want to keep arguing but she finally, after speaking to someone else there, issued me a WR to send them in. All i wanted was the nose bridge tightened, and from what I am told, they are the same as the Juliets, so if they're going to continue to service Juliets, why can't they service Penny's? I think it all depends on who answers the phone when you call CS whether or not they'll help you out.

  10. ucdavis4PT0gpa


    My experience is the Juliet nosebridge is loosening more quickly than in the past. I too have had just one side go super loose after a handful of wearings...and I don't flex them by taking on and off over my head. Long term, with extreme loosening, I have found either dental floss or fine fishing line works to tighten a floppy nosepiece until a tightening can be done. And I keep seeing all over the place numbers on the tune up price.....its now $70. With TRACKABLE shipping, $75. Still cheaper if you care for your pieces to sell a loose nosebridge pair on eBay and purchase a new pair on eBay for essentially the same cost...unless the model is discontinued

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