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oakley Juliet polished Frame


Oakley Beginner

if I were to sell my pair of oakley Juliet with polished frame and fire polarized lens , how much can i get? come with an extra pair of original oakley ruby iridium lens.

Frame just had a tune up from the local oakley distributor so everything is tight....
Do you have the original box and coin, is the frame mint or used with scratches are the lenses scratched? On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate the glasses frame and how would you rate the lenses 1 to 10? That will give a better accuracy of the value
I'm actually looking for a polished one, send me your info along with pics and maybe we can work something out. And like the guys said, do you have the box, coin, describe the condition, etc. All the more info the better. Like pjd said, probably around $350.