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  1. SailAvid

    SailAvid Oakley Beginner

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    Hi there!
    I've already purchased an Oakley Half Jacket 2.0.
    Currently these are equipped with Black Iridium lenses.

    Since I go sailing I want to buy new lenses for this purpose.
    I'm not yet quite sure about the lens tint...

    First of all they should be polarized. I'm sailing mainly in very sunny weather on the open water (e.g. Carribbean).

    What's the best lens tint for this purpose?

    I read that the VR28 Black Iridium is quite a goot catch? Can anyone suggest a different one or speak from his experience?

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  2. steveocubed

    steveocubed Oakley Enthusiast

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    I actually live right along the water myself and when it comes to really sunny days where I plan on being on or along the water, I always grab my black iridium polarized myself. I do think VR28 BI Polarized is a great choice as it's a little more flexible and gives you more of that contrast. If you want a little more flexibility, I might also look at Titanium Iridium (but I haven't seen too many frames offering that lens option) or maybe the more commonly found Tungsten Iridium. In terms of purely blocking the sun though, VR28 BI and Tungsten simply don't hack it when compared to BIP, which is probably a concern of yours in the Caribbean. In summary, I'd probably go with the BI Polarized myself but if you want a bit of that contrast, VR28 BI Polarized is an excellent alternative.

    If you want a simulated view/review of VR28 BI Polarized, this video might help clarify things (check out the timestamp between 0:30 - 1:54:
  3. Lexkempo

    Lexkempo Frog Fanatic

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    I was thinking of Tungsten Pol. Maybe that shallow or deep blue pol might also be a winner too!
  4. Delorean2006

    Delorean2006 Oakley Beginner

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    your best bet is definitely the VR28 polarized, it is a superb all around lens, also all the other lenses are going to be a lot harder to find for the Half Jacket 2.0s
  5. SailAvid

    SailAvid Oakley Beginner

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    Nice, thanks for your replies!
    The Deep Blue Polarized was also one of my favorites, but this one isn't available for the Half Jacket 2.0

    Thus I'll go with the VR28 BI Pol. :)
  6. Herbsley

    Herbsley Royal Duke of Hijinx

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    The Alinghi range might be a good indicator. It is mostly Black Iridium Polarized, with a VR28 BIP and a OO BIP thrown in.