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Discussion in 'Intro's' started by erwin oakley, 7/30/11.

  1. erwin oakley

    erwin oakley

    Hi there guys, pleasured to joint on this forum all around the world we can get know each others with the awesome oakley collections, i came from indonesia and maybe many of my friends will came and joint in this forum... I want to share couple of my collections but i don't know how to insert the picture, maybe learn some more in this forum later :d

    best regards from oakley authentic community ( indonesia )

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. Oakleynerd

    Oakleynerd Staff Member Premium Member


    welcome to this Oakley community. . .
    hope you will get all questions answered and will find some new glasses and inspirations around here!
    to upload some pictures, you need a hosting account like imageshack. there you can upload pictures and with the links you can post pictures in the threads.

  3. erwin oakley

    erwin oakley

    thx so much bro it's very help full for me,,, nice to know you guys in this forum

  4. madscientista


    Aya2 wae.... you don't know how to insert the picture,makanya BELAJAR!!....

  5. Oakleynerd

    Oakleynerd Staff Member Premium Member

    u´r welcome

  6. JamBan


    Welcome to the club erwin...o,O

  7. hotley10


    welcome bro erwin the gayLord :D, stop ngemeng2 okay eheheheheee

  8. erwin oakley

    erwin oakley

    Hahahaha.... Thumb up all the homoh ngumpuls :p

  9. hotley10


    ngemeng mulu lo palsap, ayo mulai jualan :p

  10. FrogTastic


    Where is your collection?

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