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  1. Holbrook7

    Holbrook7 Oakley Beginner

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    Just a quick question about Oakley mistakes,
    I know they're quite the find and a big collector's deal but is it mostly a Frame mistake? For example; a guy came in to return a King's Camo Radar claiming it was a mistake, but it was just the lens that didn't have the etching of the King's Camo symbol. But how can you prove that's a mistake being that you can switch lenses? so is it more frame mistakes?

    and since I haven't really seen a thread I was wondering if any of you all had some Oakley Mistake pairs out there and could show the forum what they look like.

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. SpliceD

    SpliceD B-)

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    I don't have pics, but i've come across a Polished/Fire Polarized Juliet that didn't have the "Polarized" etching on the left lens. I did confirm the lenses were in fact polarized.

    There's also a YouTube video that Dann Thombs did on his Platnium/24k Plate. If you watch the vid, at the 3 min mark you'll find out that his icons are actually missing from his pair.

    Oakley Reviews Episode 15: Plate Platinum / 24K Gold Iridium - YouTube

    I know Oakley quality control (or any company's QC) isn't perfect. Mistakes do get missed. It's just something that's inevitable in any manufacturing process.

    As for lenses, that's a tough call. Yes, the standard VR28 is available as an accessory lens, so the guy could have wanted a 2nd set with the Kings Camo Etching and just bought a standard lens to "make the trade". But as a retailer vs. consumer, IMO it's usually better to side with the consumer as you don't want to anger your clientele and hurt sales.