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  1. Dr. Paul

    Dr. Paul Oakley Beginner

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    New member here, but not a new Oakley watch owner. I currently own an Oakley Minute Machine Diamond Edition watch that I purchased in early 2008. It's still doing amazing, running perfectly (other than a few battery changes I've gotten at watch stores), and gets lots of compliments. I did lose one of the bracelet screws but had 2-3 extra links and used one from those to replace it.

    I have a few questions about the Diamond Edition watch in general:

    1) I read on this forum that the polished edition was limited to 150 watches. I would like to know how many of these diamond edition versions of the watches were made?

    2) Why do some diamond edition watches have the word "Oakley" written on the lower left corner, while the the word "Oakley" on other diamond edition watches have the name written on the lower right corner of the face of the watch? When did this change and why is there this difference?

    3) I also heard that the newer diamond edition watches come with a little card that shows the carats (0.5) and diamond totals (75). My original diamond edition did not come with this card in 2008, have there been any changes in the carats and diamond total since then?

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