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I saw the clip going for $1,000 on Ebay. Do you think it actually resells at that price?

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Hey everyone!
I just found out about this OakleyForum.com and immediately made my account today! This is my first post!

Just some random intro info since this is my first post:
I have been a huge fan of Oakley since I was 5 my dad got the Jordan Romeos and wouldn't let me touch them. Got my first job, then my first pair shortly after, then my shirt had to be Oakley, then my backpack at school, then my hockey mask, then my flip flops, then my hats, then my watch. LOL!
Not really a collector, I buy my Oakley products to wear/use, just like the brand and what they make.

My recent purchase:
I checked this morning and was really surprised that my store (Tyson's Corner Mall in VA) had 2 money clips and still had them in stock. The guy in there said the clips were available since Thursday, the release wasn't really publicized so maybe that's why. Got both on hold and will be picking them up after work. One is going to be a fathers day gift to my pops and the second one for me... I would have a money clip worth more money than the money inside, I might sell it as well since that honestly is the case :/ It really just depends on what happens once it's actually in my hands.

I will update my posting with pics as soon as I get back from the store!

[UPDATE] Pics are delayed until tomorrow morning, phone died, and I'm tired lol!! Got #81 and #82 though. If anyone else here has got the clip, post the number you have! maybe we can get some trades going on if you don't like your number...There is probably somewhere else to post that thread though. Enjoy!
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Welcome to the forum.

No...they won't sell at that price.....not now or anytime in the near future. They will sell near retail for a long time.
Welcome to the forum, you will see a lot of outrageously priced Oakley products on ebay, don't be fooled, if you see something you want just come here and ask in our value thread
This will be the same as the carabiner. They released those and the bunker at the same time and in the same quantities. The bunker was gone within days and sold for twice a it's sticker value. The carabiner is still in stores to this day. The money clip has even less material and is priced the same. My guess is not only will they not sell at more then retail, they won't sell at all (with any degree to report). These are cool, but far to expensive for what you get. They should release more cool display stuff like the bunkers at a "reasonable" price.
Welcome to the forum! I would love the money clip if I didn't spend all my cash on other stuff this week. If u can afford it and really want it then get it. Sometimes these limited items increase in value but many times do not. I agree they are way overpriced but I would use the hell out of that bad boy if I were you.
I should follow up, not trying to down anyone's purchase at all! The money clip is crazy awesome to be sure. If you can afford it, it's about as badass as it gets. For me though and what I assume is the average collector, this just doesn't have the same pull as say a juliet or XX frame. But like I said, it's an awesome piece!
Welcome to the forum!!!

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