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  1. dmill7

    dmill7 Oakley Beginner

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    Hey everyone :dance:, so I am a new member here and have just started seeking to purchase a new Timebomb 1 to replace my old Timebomb. I bought it close to 10 years ago from Overstock.com for $350 or something ridiculously cheap, it was the grey with grey dial. Unfortunately it got stolen from me from a previous cleaning lady my family used to clean our house, and it was never recovered.

    I am interested in learning from you guys what the current state of the market is, how rare these things are now (I know there are different models and was wondering which are the rarest, the grey ones/carbon fiber/stealth black etc) I'm eyeing all 3 especially the stealth black one ;). I just want to make the best decision when I'm investing in another Timebomb so any help would be appreciated! Thanks guys!

    Oakley OG Timebomb Discussion - Catch me up to speed! - 5392804599_5b44b66673.jpg
    Last edited: 2/16/15
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  2. Oakleynerd

    Oakleynerd Moderator Staff Member Premium Member

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    are these your TB's?

    if you want every single colorway than it's a long journey!

    Plated Black Stainless Steel Black SKU 10-003
    Plated Black Stainless Steel Cannon Yellow SKU 10-010
    Polished Titanium Blue SKU 10-013
    Polished Titanium Carbon Fiber SKU 10-008
    Polished Titanium Titanium SKU 10-007
    Titanium Cannon Red SKU 10-009
    Titanium Cannon Yellow SKU 10-005
    Titanium Carbon Fiber SKU 10-001
    Titanium Emerald SKU 10-011
    Titanium Titanium SKU 10-000
    Titanium White SKU 10-002
    Eddie Jordan Time Bomb SKU 10-016
    Rusty Wallace Time Bomb SKU 10-006
    Time Bomb Limited Edition Gold SKU 10-004

    TB II’s
    Time Bomb II SKU 10-294
    Time Bomb II SKU 10-295
    Time Bomb II SKU 10-296
    Livestrong Time Bomb II SKU 10-048

    the value depends on, what you are willing to pay ;)
    Last edited: 2/16/15
  3. dmill7

    dmill7 Oakley Beginner

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    no unfortunately not, i only had one before and it was jacked from me. this is just a picture for attention lol.

    i'm probably looking for either the Plated Black Stainless Steel Black, or the titanium in white, titanium, or carbon fiber. whats the difference in titanium or polished titanium??
  4. jmaxime89

    jmaxime89 Oakley Enthusiast

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    I don't think TB II 10-295 and 10-296 were ever mass produced. I only saw one picture of each back in 2009 and never heard of them since