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Oakley OneSight Gascan


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Saw this news today about a limited edition Gascan for the OneSight campaign: http://www.oakley.com/community/posts/3160

The blue icon made me immediately think of the Tron Gascan. They have an etched lens also. When Googling about them for more info I see there is a pair already for sale on eBay.
Yea that one on ebay was originally asking 300 for them. Little ridiculous considering they are only $100 brand new. Pretty cool deal though.
I like them a lot. However, I think the ice lens would have done a lot for it with some etching. The Moto GP Batwolf I bought had a grey polarized lens, but I added the ice. It's amazing what it does with blue icons.
I would think since it's LenCrafter exclusive that most people walking in to buy them would also be using them for perscription sunglasses. If your going to end up pulling the lenses out for a Rx, why put a Iridium lense in just to pull it back out.
My local Lenscrafter had these in stock for $90. I like the blue icon, but I wasn't wowed. They ice iridium lenses would make these sick though, but you would lose the "OneSight" etching that makes these limited. The microfiber bag was pretty cool too.

I want both pairs, stock, for display only! :smile: