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Discussion in 'Recent Oakley Purchases' started by throwbackchampion, 3/7/11.

  1. throwbackchampion


    Man finally got this one after long years of Collecting Oakleys. for $120 not bad.

    Oakley Over The Top Photos:
    Oakley Over The Top OTT - 5498547817_540df28f5d.jpg
    Oakley Over The Top OTT - 5498547945_e6c56cf996.jpg
    Oakley Over The Top OTT - 5499142066_4b8d83e077.jpg
    Frame: FMJ+
    Lens: Stock Emerald Iridium

    Custom Made Lenses: from Fullgear Optics (polycarbonate material)
    Oakley Over The Top OTT - 5499155542_179bdb452f_m.jpg Oakley Over The Top OTT - 5498561373_571f852cb9_m.jpg Oakley Over The Top OTT - 5498561493_9552d6d937_m.jpg
    Ruby (deep purple) - Hypergreen Emerald - Liquid Metal Black Lens
    Lens are easily de-attached just pop it out though but be careful.

    Final Verdict: OTT's are must haves for any "O" Collector. the 1st time i saw this 10 years ago @ flamingo casino Sunglasses Hut store. I was completely amazed by it, but bought an x-metal ruby 1st gen at that time (X#####) serial. But my 1st impression on the OTT's are always the same. they're completely Awesome!

    How i wish this was made on an X-Metal Material that would be more heavy yet Awesome

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. FearGearGarage


    $120 is a GREAT deal for them right now... I have every one but the FMJ with Ice lenses... If anyone is willing to sell some (ill pay more than $120!) let me know via PM.... Sweet score on yours....

  3. throwbackchampion


    Thanks dude. Anyways here are the closer look of the lenses i've got for my OTT.

    Deep Red Ruby
    Oakley Over The Top OTT - 5518889969_0c6e266a47_z.jpg

    Liquid Metal Black
    Oakley Over The Top OTT - 5519482386_e16b6ac809_z.jpg

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  4. FrogTastic


    I can understand the reasoning for getting these, but when I had a pair, found them quite impractical!

  5. oakleyguy7

    oakleyguy7 Premium Member

    i would love to have a pair of these! as soon as i find the right pair im taking the OTT jump! and ill rock them everyday

  6. westsidewade72


    I could see owning a pair for the display factor. I can't see rocking them around town. Then again my luck i would break them...

  7. oakleyguy7

    oakleyguy7 Premium Member

    haha totally understandable. I think there just amazing and well the more crazy something is the better it is for me

  8. bawitheba


    I would love a pair to wear while riding my ducati motorcycle. Would love a pair to match the bike though.

  9. HJames2990


    I know what ya mean I feel exactly the same way. I go on oakleys website and the thing that I like the most tend to be some of their more "out there" designs. Such as the ten, juliet, x squared, scalpel, straight jacket etc etc. I also don't like the ones that have oakley across the nosebridge, I'm not sure why, I just don't like it

  10. overthetop


    I have a pair of OTT's and I was wondering where the world you can find different lenses? Mine are FMJ with Fire lenses. I picked them up of Craigslist for $75. They even included the box. Pretty sweet deal. They're head turners for sure and if you don't wear sunscreen...you're going to have some SUPER strange tan lines on your forehead.

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