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Oakley Panel Pack (from Book Of Eli)


I Should Work at Oakley...
Denver, CO
Does anyone own one of these Oakley Panel Packs? For some reason I can't find it on o-review, but apparently it is the same bag Denzel used in Book of Eli. I just ordered one from standard issue and read good reviews about it. Just wanted to ask on the forum if anyone owns one, thanks!
probably a lot of members have these!
i have one and i like them a lot and a 3 buddies have one too!!
awesome! I know they're discountinued and harder to find but still available on standard issue. I was gonna go with the kitchen sink, but it was way too big!
good choice.
i have the Kitchen Sink as well but i don´t like it so much....
the Panel is pretty perfect!
Will do wrist! I wish I could have gotten the sheet metal color like in the movie. My choices were black, khaki, or multicam (the new pattern used by soldiers in afghanistan). I just decided to go with black. I will post pics when I get it.
yup I own one:




nice collection of OAKLEY backpacks. . .
i´m a fan of all black backpacks!
Just got my black panel pack from SI and I think it is great so far. Perfect for my needs. The kitchen sink is too big for my tastes but it is also a great backpack.