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Oakley Penny Replacement Lenses


Oakley Beginner
it is possible that i am going to buy some oakley pennys in the next few days. is there any way to get replacement penny lenses for them? i've searched oakley and ebay. all ebay has are off brand, non oakley lenses.
That is a tough one. I can think of a couple possible options; first....try Oakley customer care-tell them you have some old Penny frames and do they still have any lenses in stock. I've done that and the rep has called the warehouse to check. Also....if you can afford it...is buy a pair with lenses in them, switch out to your other frame and then resell the now lensless frames. The second option is pretty tedious....and expensive...I might just resign my self to aftermarket. This issue is exactly why I've stockpiled XX 24k lenses while they are still made...but its tough if someone like you is just buying a discontinued pair now
thanks for the help. the second option is probably out of the question for me since i'm actually spending more than i should on the first pair of penny's. lol. does anyone have any experience with the aftermarket lenses like the ones on ebay? oakley's claim to fame is their lens clarity. i hate the idea of spending a lot of money on oakley frames just to put some cheap lenses in them that are terrible to look through.
Exovista lenses are generally well regarded among Oakley collectors for their value, fit and external appearance. Now...personally...looking through their lenses is Ho hum and optical clarity is not up to par with HDO lenses from Oakley (specifically the polarized versions). Some would say that makes Exovista simply a fashion lens...I wouldn't go that far...but they are not Oakley lenses. In your case here is my approach: if OEM lenses can be obtained do it; but if there is a model I want to own and Exovista is the only option, I'll do it.
So here is my suggestion, get the glasses call Oakley and say u need them replaced and will send them in. They might have some lenses still in stock. Another oakley freak like myself has done that will his Romeo 2 just recently. She was able to score 2 extra sets of lenses for them. Just ask them to ship them back and not put them in. If u want I will ask him exactly what he did

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