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Discussion in 'Oakley X-Metal Discussion' started by throwbackchampion, 6/4/11.

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  1. throwbackchampion


    Recently Got an extra Oakley Penny Plasma frame from my brother w/c he kept for display a long time ago. Anyways upon receiving it yesterday already customized it w/ my Ultra Deep Ruby (+Red) Lens, Now it looks quite Bloody Good

    Oakley Penny W/ Bloody Red Lens! - 5795220147_3c457543b0_z.jpg
    Oakley Penny W/ Bloody Red Lens! - 5795779858_1d48dba286_z.jpg
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  2. music_man185


    that looks good. is that positive red iridium? +red always looks more blue/purple to me. never seen it look red like that before

  3. motoGP_fanatic


    Hi man, I'm always a big fan of your collection.....I recently got myself a Penny which I am currently making it out to look like the one you shared here... got a question though, the Penny I got was also described as non serial plasma frame, and was a bit surprised when I found out that there is supposed to be only titanium frame for Penny and no Plasma, the titanium and plasma look very similar though... Now I'm confused? Is it really titanium colored frame or a plasma colored frame?Thanks

  4. qtrain23


    Titanium. There was no plasma.
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  5. motoGP_fanatic


    Hi there qtrain, just my thought exactly, it is not a plasma but a titanium colored frame, but like the pic above and some internet pic I've seen, the titanium color for penny seems like a plasma colored one, and the Penny I have compared to plasma xsquared I managed to look upon in one local O-store here has a very little difference in color.Am I making sense here? lol
    Can you confirm for me that the titanium color for penny is like a plasma color on other x-metal model? I definitely am 100% sure,although a non serial, the Penny I got here is a legit/authentic one.

  6. doowutchyalike


    They are kind of hard to tell apart if you don't know the difference. My Titanium Penny almost looks exactly the same as my X Squared plasma. But it is a fact that there was never a plasma Penny unless you have the X Man make you one!

  7. qtrain23


    Yea idk why the difference in names.

    And even the x man doenst make a true plasma as it is some kind of coating hence all the issues with it peeling, etc.

  8. BriP


    the gen1 titanium and gen1 plasma were very different. utrent ones are different too but its harder to tell. gotta get your eye in

  9. qtrain23



    But also, the titanium colorway is very different between Romeos/Juliet's and pennies.

  10. BriP


    yeah thats because by the time pennys came out, titanium was already in second generation. i have a picture somewhere of a titanium gen 2 juliet next to a titanium penny. basically spot on..
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