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  1. i am rich

    i am rich The Silly Collector!

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  2. gene

    gene Oakley Enthusiast

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    Thanks for the heads up! I am sure some folks on here are now thinking really hard.
  3. Teetogreen

    Teetogreen Oakley Collector

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    Thanks for the info.
  4. Ares176

    Ares176 Oakley Beginner

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    I'd definitely pass them on. Dun quite like the new version though. Still prefer the original. Something which took 5 years to develope where this feels like a spin-off... then again, to each his own. :)
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  5. You know in some way this might be Oakley's response to all of the fakes that are out there. Maybe they've seen that demand for the PB1 is still so high that it was worth a re-release for those who weren't lucky enough to get one the first time around. Yeah they made some changes with the removal of the elite icon/box/bag etc, but the fakes being sold online aren't coming with those items anyway. So for $600 you get a legit brand new pair of PB2 that you know are genuine vs buying a coin flip item that has as good a chance of being real as being fake.

    I'm not interested in them either way but I can see where people who own the PB1 wouldn't think it lives up to the name and people who don't have an original would be excited to be able to buy a nearly identical style.
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