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  1. ucdavis4PT0gpa

    ucdavis4PT0gpa Oakley Expert

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    After owning the Matte/Black Polarized and Polished/VR28 Polarized and selling them to finance some vanishing "vintage" purchases (XX 24K, XX TiO2, Romeo 2.0, Splice-all which I need to get up in this section at some point), I realized how much I missed this design and had the opportunity to grab my favorite variation. These are some quicky pics at my workstation as these just came in last night and I'm working another 60 hour week-I did do video unboxing/review for YouTube though...when I get that up I'll post the link. What I love most about this particular model is the sleekness of the Black Iridium Polarized with the Polished Black and how the Tron accents break up the monotony of the previous variations (without being garish like the new Ducati). This may seem odd, but to me the coolest thing is the smallest detail-they blued the orbital screw-I love how that leaps out of frame when looked at from the side.

    Oakley Pit Boss Tron - IMAG0241.jpg

    Oakley Pit Boss Tron - IMAG0242.jpg

    Oakley Pit Boss Tron - IMAG0243.jpg

    Oakley Pit Boss Tron - IMAG0244.jpg

    Oakley Pit Boss Tron - IMAG0245.jpg

    Oakley Pit Boss Tron - IMAG0246.jpg
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  2. Oakley_Sight

    Oakley_Sight Gotta love a good DOG

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    So nice, i'm saving for some of these to. So they can sit with the pair of Pit Boss i all ready have.....NICE PHOTO'S.
  3. SpliceD

    SpliceD Supposed to be Semi-Retired...

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    Welcome to the Tron Pit Boss club :)
  4. yoshi1984

    yoshi1984 I love working Dispatch

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    Awesome man. TRON pit boss is the nicest looking variation.