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Buying Oakley plate

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hi everyone, Had a picture of these glasses I found on a website but never found out what they were called until today. The Oakley plate is what they are called. Looking to get a dark framed pair if possible. Pls msg me with price and pictures. Thank you forum members! And happy collecting!

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Hi oakster, I see that you replied to both of my threads. Plates/pitboss. I am from Canada as well. You've been the first Canadian I've talk to on this forum thus far, Hopefully we can do business. Could you send me a picture of the plates you have in that ad.. Also the pitboss's I don't know what the difference is between the 1st and 2nd?? If you could send a picture of those as well that would be great. Maybe we can work out a package deal for both even? But I am 100% interested in those plates if we could work out a deal. Thank you


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There are lots of Canadians on here and most are awesome. If you go to o-review.com you can see a full database of all PB's. Both came in 2 colors. The 1's had the "elite" logo and were slightly different. Overall they're really similar.

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What condition out of 10 are the lenses and frames on the plate?? The link you sent me with the pic of them did not work

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