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Oakley Portal X DWP quick review


Oakley Beginner
Yeah I suck at photos. I've had these now for a few weeks. I get a big discount through my work (quality for the Oakley Forces website) so I got these for 50% off. I always though the prices of Oakleys were really high, especially not being made in the USA anymore. These say "assembled in the USA", whatever that means. Does that mean they just pop the lenses in? lol
Anyway, I have one other pair of Oakleys, the Radar EV Path, my GF got me for my cycling glasses. I have 3 Maui Jims, 3 Persol, 3 Randolph Engineering, the aforementioned Radar, and now these.

I bought these to kind of knock around, as all my other glasses I treat with kid gloves. I wanted to see how it would be to live with them for every day use. When they mailed them to me, I though the envelope was empty since they were so light, but in they were, sans case, but with a cleaning cloth. I put a tiny scratch on the lens right away, and it bothered me at first, but then I realized, I bought these to knock around to see how they hold up.

The Deep Water Prizm polarized are amazing. They're a mirror finish, and cut down on sunny glare a lot. However, on only slightly overcast days, I find them too dark, and I find my eyes straining, which gives me a small headache. I also notice halos around certain car headlights and brake lights, and gives me "double vision" around some LED lights. No idea why. The optical clarity is excellent. They have a rosy hue and the Prizm effect is subtle on these, much less contrast than my Radar EV Path which I think are Prizm black nonpolarized, and the way those make everything look is excellent.

Are they are clear as my glass Randolphs or Maui Jims or Persols? No. They're not. BUT...the lightness and durability of them is amazing. I feel like they protect my eyes from the sun just as good, and they also protect my eyes from IMPACT better than the others would. Haven't put that to the test, don't want to. :)

They're nice to be able to hang from my shirt VS my heavier, "nicer" glasses, which I worry will fall down and shatter so I never dare put them in anything but in the case and on my face. I have a pair of Maui Jims that were almost double the cost of these, and I feel like I have to treat them more with white gloves like in a museum, and gently put them back in their case.

To me the beauty of the Oakleys is grabbing them and hanging them on my shirt when not in use without worrying what would happen if they drop. I do not abuse them, they are still very nice glasses and they get cleaned nicely and put away nicely, but I bought them to experiment how they would hold up to daily use. So far, so good. Arms still have tension like new. One thing that drives me nuts is a loose glasses arm.

So in a nutshell, they're awesome. Work better with bright light vs overcast, and some odd double-vision with certain car lights. But light and tough and I don't feel bad about knocking them around a bit.

Oh, and one more thing. They are basically glued to my face when I wear them so I can see these holding on my face well for action sports.


Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Good review. I like the portal x frame and also DWP lenses. I don’t have any DWP right now but your review is making me contemplate picking up a pair 😀.